Trouble in Transit

I originally planned to call this article “Problems in transit” but that didn’t seem very exciting. If you make a pun or find a way to incorporate some catchy alliteration, then your article is a lot more attention grabby. Not like any of you loyal fans would ever miss one of my articles, anyways. I’m basically a celebrity in my town. Maybe because I’m the only conservative, so they want to understand what it’s like to be a part of civilization. Anyways, I digress. I could drone on and on about the title, but that’s not why you guys are read this. Although I am pretty good at writing.The title doesn’t really apply to the whole article, but it does explain the first section. If you didn’t know, I ordered Steph a Breaking Bad figurine about 6 days ago because it used to be her favorite show.

Gamestop had this sale going with a merchandise producer called ThinkGeek, and it was over half off so it was like four bucks. The shipping itself actually cost more than the figure. Steph likes when I buy her stuff, so maybe I’ll buy a business for the both of us in the future. We can move to Reno. I have a few hookups for reno plumbers, so they should be a big help. So I was tracking the order yesterday while I walked home, and I saw that it had gone to the wrong post office. It somehow ended up in California, which didn’t really make sense. Luckily that was a few days ago and it still arrived here on time. Flash forward to a few hours later, because that’s when I’m finishing this article, it didn’t arrive because there was a Sun Valley post office that had to deliver it.

I checked, and it was the final nail in the coffin before arriving at Steph’s house. Was that a good analogy? Seemed like it had more of a negative connotation. In case you were wondering what my next article will be about, my new 2DS finally arrived and I’m super pumped so I’m gonna do a first impressions post. I started this article during lunch and am finishing it now, because I had a few extra minutes. That’s why there’s an unseen time lapse that you guys all missed.

English class so far

I’ve only been in my English class for four days, and I hate to say that I have learned absolutely nothing. My teacher, Mr. K, isn’t a terrible teacher per se. He’s a liberal, so that doesn’t help much. You should never rely on public servants for your education. They’d probably union up and go on strike if they could. Anyways, he’s the husband of one of my favorite teachers from last year. She wasn’t terribly bright as well, but she made me feel welcome at the new school and I even had her for psychology. She was the teacher who let us do whatever we wanted after all the seniors left. We usually just hung out with her and talked about life outside of school. It was like we were in prison or something. I distinctly remember one conversation we had about Nevada, where she told me that she was looking at some property to buy and rent out. Afterwards, she researched online for a good short-term rental permit place.

Here’s hoping I can get out early this year like all the seniors last year did. They didn’t have to take any of their finals, because they missed all the dates and they wouldn’t have learned enough in time to take them. Plus they got out like two weeks early. The reason we missed so much school was because there were a ton of snow days and instead of having late starts, our school thought it would be an amazing idea to just take the entire day off. So we would miss about 6 extra hours of school that we could have done something with.Our new principal is cracking down on all the terrible school policies from last year, so I doubt we’ll have that happen again.


Then again, you never know. So in my English class, our three topics that we have discussed were how deaf people made their own culture through language, whether or not emojis are words and can be a substitute for language, and the use of internet memes as alt-right hate symbols. Essentially, we haven’t yet discussed anything of real life relevance or importance. And then all the teachers wonder why people keep dropping IB English. On the plus side, if I’m ever attacked by a hateful group of evil white supremacist skinheads, I’ll be able to dissect what exactly Pepe the Frog means in our modern society.

Saturday Night Fever – Sacramento Style

So, this is a weird little story.  It happened a few weekends ago, (August 2016) and we were in Sacramento California.  Actually in a suburb of Sacramento called Roseville.  Me and Mrs. Hottie grabbed a room at the Hyatt Place Hotel.  It’s in the middle of bumf$*k nowhere, behind a mall they call the Galleria.  It was going to be a normal night of sucking and f@#$%ing.  But my lady had the urge to go clubbing.  Clubbing in Roseville?  WTF?

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